InToGeneration project was presented in Serbia, Belgrade from 12th -15th of August 2016  from e- Compass.  Konstantinos Poulopoulos provided information on InToGeneration   during workshop for young entrepreneurs under the framework of the project “Quality of European Youth Work- It’s about Youth“. 

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 In result of the interest towards the learning program, developed within the INTOGENERATION project, the Bulgarian partner decided to issue a handbook with the most useful parts of the training. We take the opportunity to remind you that in between the period 1st of February – 30th of March a pilot training took place in Bulgaria, which was targeted towards young people who are going through the process of inheriting and managing the family business.

The feedback from the participants distinguished modules: 2 – Overall management and 3 – Transition management as most useful and interesting. The Bulgarian team working on the project took into consideration their opinion and issued a handbook featuring highlights from the two modules. The information is focused on the key management stages and important aspects during the transition of the business from the older generation to the younger leaders, who most commonly are the new business owners.


The handbook is in a limited quantity and can be received both as a paperback and e-book. If you want to receive a copy of “Preparing for a new generation: Transition management” please get in touch with a member of INTERPROJECTS team on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A representative of the company will get in touch with you to inform you on the terms and conditions for obtaining the handbook.

The efforts of the Bulgarian partners in the Coach@Work project for integrating the SE model in Bulgaria continue to give results. In the Promotion Employment act is provided mechanism for usage of the SE tools and respectively financing for those businesses which will provide SE consultants, who will work with clients with disabilities. At the moment, experts from the responsible institutions, including the Ministry of labour and social affairs, the Employment agency and the social partners, work together on the development of the criteria for choosing companies, which will offer specific services for people with disabilities, aiming at finding paid work using the SE module. For 2016 are provided resources in the amount of 300BGN for every person with disability, which are supposed to be used for support during searching, finding, and keeping a job. The SE consultants will work both with the disabled people and their employers in order to provide smooth working process and successful work environment adaptation. The funds will be granted to the suppliers of that consultancy and mediation service in case of a person with permanent disability is hired at an unsubscribed work placement.

At the moment, the Regulations are available on the MLSP website:

for public discussion, after which it will be implemented with Government decree.

At the moment the Employment agency is supposed to announce procedure under the Law for public procurement for choosing companies, which will provide such services in 2016. The budget for the current year is in the amount of 600 000BGN, which means that around 2000 unemployed people with disabilities will be able to take advantage of this type of specialized support. The contractors will provide to the unemployed disabled people a package of services, aiming at their motivation, psychological support, and encouragement to start work.


Continue to check regularly the project website, in order to have the newest information regarding the development of the SE services in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian partner on the InToGeneration project participated with its own booth within the Healthy and wealthy festival which was held during the second weekend of June, in the South Park, Sofia. More than 90 exhibitors including small and medium sized enterprises, food and food supplements manufactures, young entrepreneurs, workshop owners, etc. participated with their own exhibition spaces. The INTERPROJECTS representatives were also among the exhibitors, and the InToGeneration project was introduced through its dissemination materials and, of course, during informal presentations and conversations with the numerous visitors of the booth. During the two days of the festival, the organizers of the event also organized accompanying program with thematic presentations, informative lectures and fun games. All of them were related to the active and healthy way of living and entrepreneurship and creative thinking were an accent during the two day festival. The main conclusion we can draw from the event was that young people should be thought in entrepreneurship thinking and managerial skills from early childhood. The learning program of the InToGeneration project was very well received by the audience and some of the participants requested to use the learning modules as a part of their internal company trainings. This festival was a great illustration of how fun and informal activities can help develop the business and the entrepreneurship.


INTERPROJECTS Team took part in an International conference entitled “Leadership and organizational development”. The event was organized by Sofia University in cooperation with other organizations working in the field of HR development. The conference continued four days between 16th and 19th of June 2016 in Kiten, Bulgaria. The attendees were academics working in the field of psychology and HR, representatives of third-sector organizations, PhD students and other professionals. The conference program suggested variety of topics centred on strengthening of workforce and innovation. INTERPROJECTS team had the chance to present INTOGENERATION project during the opening day of the conference. Andrean Lazarov gave 20mins presentation on INTOGENERATION training units emphasising on the importance of transition management as an effective way to keep the family business well-positioned on the market. The participants were interested to receive information and materials describing the project and some of them expressed desire to receive access to the training platform.

In addition, the report on INTOGENERATION concept was included in the conference proceedings. The event was well-attended by more than 200 participants for the four days.

The proceedings can be found on the following link:



On the 13th of May 2016 the Bulgarian representation of the EU Commission held a conference to present The Plan for Investments in Europe, also known as Younker Plan. The event was visited by more than 85 participants and Interprojects team was also among them. Other key attendees were the mayor of Plovdiv, his deputy as well as senior experts, owners of micro-, small, and medium enterprises, young entrepreneurs, and policy makers, like Mrs. Kristalina Georgieva and European MPs. The event was officially opened by the mayor of Plovdiv followed by thematic presentations on Younker plan and its pillars i.e. innovation, investments, sustainability, and growth. One of the key areas for intervention of the plan is the support for micro- SMEs which will be supported through credit lines operated by selected banks in each EU member state. Another topic was demonstration of European portal for investment projects which was launched this year. 

During the informal part of the event, Inteprojects team presented the e-learning platform of INTOGENERATION in front of Mrs. Kristalina Georgieva and other interested attendees. The event was ended by open discussion led by Kristalina Georgieva, where the participants asked many questions about the future development of EU and the plans for the support of micro SMEs sector. Mrs. Georgieva gave prompt answers in a friendly tone. 


The 19th of April 2016 INTERPROJECTS team attended regional seminar organized by the National Agency for Promotion of SMEs. The theme of the event was “From business idea to business development – boosting of the entrepreneurship in Bulgaria”. InToGeneration project was presented through its leaflets and informal talks were initiated by the representatives of the Bulgarian partner. Among the participants were young entrepreneurs, managers and owners of micro SMEs, representatives of sectoral unions, public administration professionals, as well as policy makers – about 35 in number. During the thematic sessions, speakers presented successful stories of Bulgarian SMEs who managed to achieve good market share not only on the national market but at the territory of EU as well. Among the reasons for the success of a micro company, speakers distinguished effective management, active marketing, quality of the assets, and product positioning, as well as well-educated and prepared business owners and leaders of the company. Other presentation was dedicated to the Business Model Canvas and Design Thinking models. After the presentations, the participants were invited to discuss actual issues which hamper the development of micro SMEs in Bulgaria. The participants identified problems such as: lack of attracted funding, ineffective leadership skills, bureaucracy and insufficient public institutions, lack of common understanding about the future development of the sector, lack of reliable information sources. The good news for InToGeneration implementation came after the conversation between INTERPROJECTS team and the regional representative of an Agency for promotion of SMEs. Mrs. Veselina Velcheva was enthusiastic about the InToGeneration training course which she considered very relevant for the micro SMEs members of her agency’s database. We achieved an agreement to organize common event in order to demonstrate project outcomes and the training program. The workshop will take place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in June 2016. The regional representative of the agency will invite interested business owners and young successors who can use InToGeneration training units to improve their business performance. In addition, Mrs. Velcheva will convey the information about the training course to her partners and beneficiaries. This was the beginning of a good collaboration between the state agency which is committed to promote growth of micro SMEs in Bulgaria, and the Bulgarian partner in InToGeneration project. As soon as the date for the agreed workshop is clear, it will be announced on the website.

On thebehalf of Gazi Unversity, Prof. Fırat, Dr. Elbasan and Dr. Guzel has visitedtheprojectofficerVahidSadal on the 18th of March 2016 at TurkishNationalAgency.

He has
beeninformedaboutthecurrentstatus of InTOGeneration Project andinvitedtotheconferencewhichwill be held in Ankara on June 2016. 

InToGeneration project has been developed in order to support young successors to go smoothly through the process of transition from an older to a younger generation in a family business. The project’s mission is to ensure that young entrepreneurs are well prepared to asses an existing business and take a well-informed decision when deciding to continue the business. An innovative  adults’ business training programme is being developed that will support young entrepreneurial successors with knowledge and skills how to continue the management of the micro enterprise in a profitable manner. The training content consists of basic theoretical business models, practical examples, videos, and case studies, driven by real business trends and requirements. In addition to the practical training content, case studies are used to present daily challenges in management and how to cope with them.

At the beginning of 2016 project partners will start to recruit piloters who will evaluate InToGeneration training programme in the 5 partner countries – Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany and Spain. It is expected that a total of 150 micro-SMEs will take part in the piloting phase of the project. They will provide feedback and recommendations about the quality and applicability of the InToGeneration training programme. Based on the obtained feedback, the project consortium will decide on further steps for improving and mainstreaming the training units.

InToGeneration training course offers 12 units:

Unit 1: General introduction and State of the Art describes the course pedagogical approach, applied learning methodology, and course delivery structure.

Unit 2: Overall Management describes the stages of the managing process and equips successors with skills and attitudes for effective management and leadership of the micro-SME.

Unit 3: Transition Management presents the essence of knowledge and resources transfer between the older and young generations.

Unit 4: Communication describes different aspects of non-verbal and verbal communication and how it can influence the overall business performance of the manager of a micro-SME.

Unit 5: Leadership provides information about different leadership styles and helps learners to enhance their skills.

Unit 6: Understanding growth deals with topics such as the nature and projection of growth, effective managing of the capital, understanding the competition, and other important aspects that help analysing the business opportunities of the micro-SME.

Unit 7: Creativity and innovation provides learners with guidance how to apply creative business solutions and what the benefit would be when the young successor (manager) uses innovative approaches and developments.

Unit 8: Marketing provides essential information about the components of the marketing mix, as well as strategies for effective advertising and marketing.

Unit 9: Digital business and social business strategy aims to support the implementation of digital tools and platforms to boost the company’s growth.

Unit 10: Occupational risks’ prevention & Health and Safety provides information and guidance about the prevention of labour risks that national and international regulations stipulate for micro SMEs.

Unit 11:  Environmental Issues & Waste Management suggests tips how to cope with waste and how to use resource saving techniques and solutions.

Unit 12: Green economy and policies emphasises on the theoretical and practical considerations of environmental issues and corporate social responsibility. 

The training content will be available in English, Bulgarian, German, Greek, Spanish, and Turkish. If you want to participate in the forthcoming trainings organised by the InToGeneration project, you can contact the respective national partner. You can also contact the Project Contractor Gazi University (Turkey) for any other queries you may have about the InToGeneration project. All partner contacts can be found at the project website

Interprojects will attend the "Youth and Social Media: Changing the World of Jobs and Skills" event presented by Tata Consultancy Services and taking place on January 26, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.
How are social media changing the way young people look for jobs? How should companies adapt? Should schools and universities train students in using social media? Can jobseekers and employers be matched up if they don't have a strong social media presence?

When: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 - Registration begins at 6:00 PM. Event from 6:30 PM to 7:50 PM
Where: Residence Palace, Polak Room, Rue de la Loi 155, 1040 Brussels

Prof. Seyhan Firat and Dr. Bülent Elbasan from the coordinating organisation (Gazi University) were featured in a live broadcast on Sunday 10 January at 15.30 (EET) on the Euro Star TV channel in a programme dedicated to Erasmus+, promoting IntoGeneration project.


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Prof. Seyhan Firat and Dr. Bülent Elbasan from the coordinating organisation (Gazi University) will be featured in a live broadcast on Sunday 10 January at 15.30 (EET) on the Euro Star TV channel in a programme dedicated to Erasmus+, and will promote IntoGeneration project.


The Project offers to micro-SMEs

  • Current situation in the field of family management and business practices.
  • A curriculum and training material that follows a case study approach through which, successors can learn via handy examples, concepts and business practices.
  • A portable self-assessment service through Android based mobile application which facilitates successful business transfer and exchange of best practices between micro-SMEs. 
  • Testing phase and results with 150 micro-SMEs in Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Spain and Turkey.