INTERPROJECTS Team took part in an International conference entitled “Leadership and organizational development”. The event was organized by Sofia University in cooperation with other organizations working in the field of HR development. The conference continued four days between 16th and 19th of June 2016 in Kiten, Bulgaria. The attendees were academics working in the field of psychology and HR, representatives of third-sector organizations, PhD students and other professionals. The conference program suggested variety of topics centred on strengthening of workforce and innovation. INTERPROJECTS team had the chance to present INTOGENERATION project during the opening day of the conference. Andrean Lazarov gave 20mins presentation on INTOGENERATION training units emphasising on the importance of transition management as an effective way to keep the family business well-positioned on the market. The participants were interested to receive information and materials describing the project and some of them expressed desire to receive access to the training platform.

In addition, the report on INTOGENERATION concept was included in the conference proceedings. The event was well-attended by more than 200 participants for the four days.

The proceedings can be found on the following link:



The Project offers to micro-SMEs

  • Current situation in the field of family management and business practices.
  • A curriculum and training material that follows a case study approach through which, successors can learn via handy examples, concepts and business practices.
  • A portable self-assessment service through Android based mobile application which facilitates successful business transfer and exchange of best practices between micro-SMEs. 
  • Testing phase and results with 150 micro-SMEs in Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Spain and Turkey.